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Disney Edits

Aug 29 '14

Well, it’s not like you’re never going to see them again.
They are you’re family after all.

Aug 29 '14

Disney+Halloween Decorations

Apr 2 '14


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Mar 23 '14

Disney+Hallmark Itty Bittys

So I’m already obsessed with anything Hallmark, and the they come out with the adorable things. Hallmark Itty Bittys are my newest collecting obsession. They started out with just Disney but branched out to Wizard of Oz, DC Comics, and Star Wars. They are just under $7 each, and right now they are buy 3 get one free until April 20th!

Mar 22 '14

costume detail: the princesses [original photos hayleythehatter x flickr]

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Mar 21 '14
The Muppets - We're Doing a Sequel (Muppets Most Wanted)

I went and saw Muppets Most Wanted today and it was soooo good. The music was amazing and the cameos were pretty good. But it made me so mad the the title wasn’t “The Muppets… Again!”. It was so perfect!!! 

Mar 19 '14

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Mar 15 '14
Mar 13 '14

I got an email from the Disney Store today saying my order shipped. And I was so afraid I had ordered something in an insomniatic haze last night. But I forgot I pre-ordered Frozen in January and it comes out Tuesday!!! Ohmigod I’m so excited!

Mar 13 '14

Walt Disney World refines Epcot Flower and Garden Festival for 2014 (by Inside the Magic)

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